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EFECTO FEED  is a new generation feed composed of high quality raw materials including plant extracts. EFECTO FEED  is one of the feeds on the market with the highest percentage of dietary fat (11%), benefiting from this high percentage of high performance horses in two ways. First, the high dietary fat content of EFECTO FEED makes it a high-calorie food that helps the athletic horse meet its energy needs. Secondly, for high performance horses that have problems maintaining their weight, a high fat content is beneficial in helping to maintain their body weight.

Efecto Feed is a granulated feed composed of natural raw materials that incorporates high quality nutritional additives including plant extracts and with which we obtain significant weight gains, in addition to achieving an optimal state of the animal in all its facets.

We must emphasize that EFECTO FEED  contains high quality nutritional additives and natural extracts of bitter plants with ANTI-TOXIC COMPONENTS (artichoke extract on almond shell support) that make a DETOXIFICATION action of the body through:

It should be noted that EFECTO FEED  contains natural additives of plant extracts with ANTI-TOXIC COMPONENTS (artichoke extract on almond shell support) that perform a DETOXIFICATION action on the body by means of:

                  Elimination of toxins as they pass through the liver, including mycotoxins.

                  Increased bile production and liberalization, thus increasing the digestion and absorption of fats by the animal.

                  Stimulates fat mobilization, improving the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K and calcium from the diet.

Composition and nutritional specifications

-   Protein: 12%

-   Fat content: 10 %.

-   Crude fibre: 8%.

-   Sugars: 5%.

It also contains raw material rich in Gamma Oryzanol, a natural antioxidant that can increase testosterone levels, increasing strength and endurance levels, making it a food to be considered for sport horses. Made with raw materials that provide a better condition in the cardiovascular system causing a decrease in blood pressure.

Use and Presentation

The daily ration should depend on the age and physical exercise of each horse.   EFECTO FEED  is available in 40 kg bags.

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EFECTO COMPLEX is a feed supplement for horses composed of natural raw materials, providing a high percentage of fat to the ration. Formulated for horses with weight problems, horses with high intensity of work and/or breeding mares improving the quality of the milk and with it the development of the foal.

  •  Fat:  18 %
  •  Protein: 14 %
  •  Ewers Starch: 20 %

We must point out that COMPLEX EFFECT as well as FEED EFFECT contains natural additives of bitter plant extracts with ANTI-TOXIC COMPONENTS that make a DETOXIFICATION action of the organism. 


Use and  Presentation

It is presented in the form of flour, should be added to the ration between 10% and 15% of the usual feed.  Obtaining a significant weight gain and a better optimal condition of the animal.   COMPLEX EFFECT is available in 20 kg bags.

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Benefits of Garlic effect on horse health

EFECTO GARLIC  is a food supplement composed of dehydrated garlic with several beneficial functions, including respiratory health, has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, improves the circulatory and immune systems and also performs a direct action in the protection of the gastrointestinal tract promoting a healthy intestinal flora, in addition we must highlight its ability to repel insects.

The food supplemented with garlic creates a smell in the sweat that helps to repel flies and mosquitoes and with it the sensation of itching which prevents the animal from scratching itself, an action that in many cases causes wounds and/or hair loss.

Use and Presentation

 The Garlic Effect is available in 3 kg packages and it is recommended to give it at a dose of 15 - 20 grams per 100 kilograms of body weight per day.


Benefits of oil on horse health


EFECTO OIL is an oil with 80% oleic acid, cold pressed, to which we have added fat through the incorporation of bran in its formulation. This gives even more energy power and increases its advantages in the daily ration.


The oil has been added to the horse's diet for some years now, during which it has been shown to provide a number of important benefits:


Weight gain: in case the horse is underweight and we cannot increase the daily ration for fear of colic or laminitis, the oil will help him to recover, without it being necessary to increase the feed ration. Oil has twice as many calories as carbohydrates and protein.


Increased energy: oil is a great energy stimulator, adding it to the usual ration of food the results are noticed in a short time.
In addition, the oil reduces the amount of energy used by the horse as a source of heat, which means that the horse will have more energy available for work (it will be less cold).


Improvement in the quality of the animal's hair: this is undoubtedly the most common use of oil, as it helps to combat the harmful effects that affect the hair, such as sun and wind.


Helps mares: in the production of milk after calving, as it provides the energy necessary for this production without the need to increase the amount of feed consumed.
It goes without saying that all these positive effects are passed on to the foal; in fact, studies have shown that mare foals who have received an oil supplement gain more weight in the first few weeks of life than those who have not had this "help".


Not recommended for use on overweight horses.


Use and Presentation


Efecto oil is presented in 5 litre containers.  The recommended intake is approximately 5 - 20 ml per 100 kg of body weight per day, together with the daily food ration.